Dear Candidates: We Care About Economic Justice, Too

All of the major presidential candidates are now barnstorming the country, talking to voters about their top priorities.

Yet despite the fact that poll after poll shows that economic justice is at the top of the list of Jewish voters’ concerns, candidates still focus nearly exclusively on foreign policy every time we hear from them.

So, this election cycle we’re coming together to urge the candidates to address the Jewish community on the issues we care most about. If enough of us take action, we can expand the conversation and stop the pandering.

With economic inequality nearing pre-Great Depression levels, our tradition’s commitment to a just and fair economy has never been more critical.

Join us and tell the 2016 candidates that the Jewish community wants to hear their vision for tackling economic inequality.


Photo via Flickr user Gage Skidmore


Thank You -- Now Spread the Word

Will you ask you friends to sign, too? We need more people to join us so we can expand the conversation and stop the pandering.

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