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Registering all American Muslims to a list. Religious tests at the border. Rounding up anyone who’s an immigrant and deporting them instantly. A giant wall.

Donald Trump’s proposals sound terrifyingly familiar. As Jews — we’ve seen this before, we know where it goes, and it doesn’t end well.

That’s why on June 21, Bend the Arc Jewish Action is stepping up the campaign we started last fall against Donald Trump. We’re asking Jews across the country to join us in a national day of action on June 21, the Vigil Against Violence. On that day in 1964, two white Jewish activists, Andrew Goodman and Mickey Schwerner, and Black Christian activist James Chaney, were killed in Mississippi as they worked to register black voters as part of the Civil Rights struggle.

This year, we will honor their yahrzeit — the anniversary of their death — by committing to continue their fight against hate and oppression, and to keep fighting all the way to the election. Sign up by June 15 and we will provide you with a yahrzeit candle and “We’ve Seen This Before” poster like the one pictured above.

Light a candle in their name and mark the vigil in your home or in public, alone or with friends. And be sure to take a picture and post it online with the hashtag #weveseenthisbefore on June 21, so that the whole country knows Jews reject Trump’s anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-woman, and violent agenda.

Together we can carry on the legacy of Goodman, Chaney and Schwerner — and all of those who died in the defense of Civil Rights — and build an America true to the principles of inclusion, equity, and democracy. Join us on June 21 as we pledge to take this fight into a new generation.

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